Laserid – mini test viljakate ja mitte päevade määramiseks

LIEZUVIS_2161Minitestometer is used to settle the conception or nonconception in the period of menses. Minitestometer functioning is based on changes of physical and chemical peculiarities of saliva depending on the amount of salts, hormones in woman’s organism. Minitestometer is easy to use, does not require special preparing, not injurious to health. In the case of setting the duration of menses it is necessary to moisten optical lens with saliva and by pushing button to observe the picture through ocular.

 The picture of „fern list“ (a) shows the period available for conception. If there is not clear picture of „fern list“ (b) and there is not picture of „points“ (c) it means transition period. Limpid or picture of „points“ (c) means the period available for conception.