About us


Vilnius Laser Technology Center was established in 1989. Professor, Hab. Doctor of Technical Sciences Rimantas Kanapėnas, manages the Center. The Company’s strategy is to develop modern innovative laser technologies. The successful implementation of the strategy is guaranteed by modern technological equipment and qualified staff in the fields of construction, engineering-techniques, manufacturing, marketing and trade. Employers have university education as well as huge experience in production and scientific researches.

Main fields of activity:

  • lasers in medicine;
  • lasers in industry;
  • specialised laser devices.

Laser Technology Center is an exclusive such wide section scientific-technical institution in the Baltic countries. It creates and produces modern non-contact portable laser, laser-magnetic medical devices for individual uses, civil and war medical posts; laser technologies in medicine and industry.

Laser medical devices are used in physiotherapy, Artrology, Traumology, Dermatology, Proctology, Neurology, Pulmonolgy, Stomatology, Gynaecology, Gastro logy and etc. The effectiveness of treatment is reached by influencing human’s bio-tissues, bioactive points, and blood, skin with a flow of laser infrared rays together with magnetic field.

There are advantages of the devices:

  • enable to avoid the infections, assure the sterility;
  • non-contact and painless effect;
  • laser beams and magnetic field penetrate deep into bio-tissues (as deep as 100 mm);
  • improve human’s immune system;
  • increase the effectiveness of treatment, secure for eyes;
  • considerably increase the period and expenses of treatment;
  • can be used together with medicaments at home as well as in hospitals.

 As scientific investigations revealed laser beams by influencing bio-tissues act as bio-stimulate catalyst which increases chemical and photochemical reaction in individual organism, improves metabolism, oxygen acting, blood circulation, normalizes natrium and potassium activity, local potential of electricity field, raises effect of bio-stimulation, implements assimilation of oxygen in cells and micro-circulation of nutrition of cells.
The laser devices are exported in more than 40 world countries.

I. Main directions of science:

  • impact of laser beams into solid materials and bio-tissues;
  • creation of modern innovative laser technologies and laser techniques in industry and medicine.

II. Main engineering directions:

  • creation of portable laser, single function and multi-function laser-magnetic devices and use for individual and clinical treatment;
  • creation of portable electric, electronic, optic-electronic devices and use for medicine diagnostics and treatment;
  • creation of specialized laser medicine devices;
  • creation of laser technologies and use in industry and medicine;
  • creation of computerized laser complex and use in industry.

III. Main directions of training:

  • cycle of lectures “Lasers in medicine” for education and in-service training of specialists;
  • cycle of lectures “Peculiarities of complex effect of laser and magnetic field for bio-tissues, blood, skin” for in-service training of medics;
  • cycle of lectures “Lasers in industry” for engineering and technical specialists;
  • foundation of laser laboratories for training in senior schools, colleges, universities.

IV. Main directions of business:

  • production and sales of laser, laser-magnetic, electric, electronic, optic-electronic medical devices;
  • production of specialized laser medical devices and introduction in medical houses;
  • introduction of industrialized laser technologies and laser complex in industry, oil, gas, water mining, hydro-geology, thermoelectricity; for example, monolithic durable filters for cleaning of oil, gas and water during the mining process.

V. Main fields of introduction of modern portable laser, laser-magnetic devices created by Laser Technology Center in medicine:

  • artrology (diseases of articulars, arthritis);
  • traumology (trauma, sores, strain of muscles and chords);
  • physiotherapy (sores, burns, mastitis, inflammatory processes);
  • dermatology (psoriasis, dermatitis, eczemas, allergy);
  • proctology-urology (prostates, haemorrhoids, cystitis);
  • neurology (peripheral nervous system);
  • varicose (poor micro-circulation of limbs);
  • pulmonolgy (Inflammatory processes of airways, viral infection of breath, pleurisy, bronchitis, pneumonia);
  • laryngologists (sinusitis, Inflammatory processes of larynx, post-operative treatment of larynx and olfactory organ);
  • stomatology (paradontitis, gingivitis, stomatitis, tooth trauma, inflammatory processes);
  • gynaecology (inflammation of ovaries, sores of cervix uteri);

Rimantas  Kanapenas  is  Hab. Doctor  of  Technical Sciences, Professor of Vilnius Gediminas  Technical  University,  and  the  Honoured Inventor of Republic of Lithuania, Director of Vilnius Laser Technology Center.

He is the author and co-author of 300 scientific works, 150 inventions. He developed new laser technology direction in Lithuania, and still develops laser technology in medicine, published monographs, books. Member or Chairman of international conferences related with Laser technology and Laser in medicine. The field of current scientific investigations – the influence of laser beams to solid materials and bio-ti.