Laser shooting-range

Such laser shooting-ranges are created by us and equiped outside or at premises. Laser shooting-ranges are mobile, stationary, tactical and simulated. Laser beams are used in order to set right target of the gun, pistol or submachine-gun, to record the movement trajectory in the moment of setting target. Results of set targerts or their declection are transferred by radio waves into the computer. Here data are registered, printed, saved, pictured, archieved or transferred to server. Laser shooting-ranges are controled by special computer programs.

The essential advantages of such laser shooting-ranges are high accuracy, simple control, multi-functional, universal. The accurate, objective, reliable report on results of set targets is available by using laser beam and special radio computerized equipment. Also picture of shot (trends and references) and regular observation on the computer monitor is available. Equipment is used outside and at premises at any time. Costly projectiles (approx. 1 EUR) are not necesary at time of practical trainings. Original construction of the equipment allows to create reliable report on resul;ts of shots, increases accuracy of shots, increases proffesional level of the shooters.

Mobile laser shooting-ranges are also adopted for sportsmens, practical trainings and relaxation. Inside them distance of shooting is from 5 to 50 meters, trainings are available at daylight as well as at night.

Stacionary laser shooting-ranges are adopted outside. They are used at time of practical shooting trainings with a distance of 100 meters at whole day by using fighting guns or by substitutes. Bullets cacthers are also available.

Tactival laser shooting-ranges are adopted at distance of 800 meters by using fighting guns and targeting to moving or immobile targets. Shots results are transferred to computer by radio waves.

In Simulated laser shooting-ranges the sound of shoot is simulated by loudspeaker. The shooter is informed of his shot results by light elements. The whack of shot is imitated by special equipment. It is possibile to target by using laser beam or by simple or optical backsight. In both cases the results of shots are fixed by laser beam and are transferred into the copmputer by radio waves. Simulated laser shooting-ranges are available to merge with othe kinds of laser shooting-ranges.

Devices are proprietary, certified and recommended for individual and clinical treatment.