Laser-magnetic puncture devices




Devices LMP-010M are used to treat diseases of peripheral nervous system, lumbago, respiratory, allergic, cardiovascular, urinary diseases. Also, penetration of these laser devices LMP-010M into bio-tissues eliminates the need to smoke, reduces emotional tension, nervousness, irritability, stress, insomnia, cravings for alcohol and obesity.

Their use replaces classic needle acupuncture, avoiding contagions and infections. Miniature size, light weight, simple control allows using these devices in hospitals and at home.

The LMP-010M device is distinguished by its compact size, multifuncionality, convenient use, reliability and quickly affixed optical tip for puncture. The device has a bio-tissue finder, three laser heads allowing for different formation of laser beam flows.


Devices LMP-010M are patented, certificated (CE 2460), correspond with requirements of Europe Union and recommended for individual and clinical treatment.