Trattamento laser delle articolazioni, artrosi, radicoliti, altre malattie


Pav.1The device is designed to cure various joint diseases, their inflammatory processes, regenerative processes, to cure muscles, artritis, artrosis, lumbago, neuralgia, inflammatory diseases of lungs, three-fold nerve, intercostal nerves, chronic gastric, ulcer and duodenum, internal organs.

Proficiency of the cure is based on the non-contact exposure to the biologic tissue with the laser radiation and magnetic field at the same time. Such length of the laser radiation wave corresponds to the transparency window of the biologic tissues and is fully absorbed by them.

As the clinical practice shows such complex laser-magnetic cure with the device makes the time of cure for 4-7 days shorter.

The device consists of the mechanical part made by two heads opposing each other (every head is equipped with a laser), fixed magnets and quantity in the head can be changed.


Devices LMP-010 are patented, certificated (CE 2460), correspond with requirements of Europe Union and recommended for individual and clinical treatment.