Allenatore elettrico dei muscoli


Portable trainer acts on the basis of electric stimulation. lt is used to cure nerves and muscles diseases. Inconstant electric flow allows to cure the atrophy of muscles trimk, foot, hands, face, the paralysis, spasms, the breaks of blood circulation in veins, widens the veins, improves the feeding and circulation of materials, increases the biological active tissues. The trainer especially is recommended to sportsmen and the disabled people. The weight of muscles fibres, power and endurance are increased by the effect of stimulation.


Technical characteristics

Interval of impulse frequency 0.5- 3,5 Hz
Power of impulse stream 0 – 60 mA
Number of electrodes 8 (12)
Regime of frequency impulsive – continues,
impulsive –changeable
Work temperature 10-45 °C
Feeding 220 V, 50 Hz
Power 18 VA
Security class BF II by l EC 601 – 1
Size 80 x 220 x 240 mm
Weight 2 kg

The trainer has the electric block to manage and two electrodes. Small size, easy exploitation allows to use it at home and in the hospitals.