Stimulators „viagras“ vietā


The device is used for men and women with sexual problems.

This is miniature generator of electromagnetic field, exciting the electromagnetic waves with frequencies equal to those of bio-pulsation. Has a good effect upon biophysical functions and improves blood circulation. Stimulates the sensibility of erogenic zones and erection, normalizes blood pressure, helps to feel better. Stimulator squites harmless and gives liveliness and energy.

The stimulator STI-3 operates using two 1.5 V batteries (used in watches). On pressing the button of microswitch the electromagnetic waves excite at the scanning frequency equal to the resonant frequency of bio-pulsation. Action Radius is about l metre.

It is recommended to carry the switched on stimulator STI-1 in the pocket. The minimum time of the exposition of the effect of switched on stimulator is l hour. The bio-physiological effect may appear in several hours. lt depends on the individual organism, on general emotional and psychological state.

The stimulator corresponds to the best foreign analogues and meets sanitary-hygienic requirements of the instruments of such class. lt is harmless to the health.

For the checking of the operation of the stimulator it is necessary to draw it nearer to any radio set switched on the range of long waves (LW). Normally functioning stimulator excites smoothly changing sound “fillip”, repeating during several seconds. When the level of the sound “fillip” decreases it is necessary to change batteries. For this purpose it needs to open the case of the stimulator and unscrew the plate. The duration of a set of batteries is about 0.5 year.

Technical characteristics

Frequency of electromagnetic waves           -
Scanning frequency           -
Zone of action 1 m
Supply 3 V; 0.015 A
Range of working temperature - 40°C ÷ 40°C
Size 1.3 x 3.2 x 7 cm
20 gram